About: Why WebTeam HQ?

Is your online business growing? Is your strategy effective and successful in helping you achieve your business goals? Do you know what these even are?

The truth is that most owners of small to medium-sized business have no strategy at all. They’re tactical, rather than strategic.

As a result there is a constant struggle to make it through the end of the month, only to discover they have to start all over again when the month begins .

Am I talking to you? Don’t worry there’s a way out.

At Your Service
WebTeam Helping Hand
We Help You

At WebTeam HQ our focus is on building a strategic plan that will provide you an exit to your current online presence woes. Whether your goals are to generate a higher profit margin, obtain better and more qualified leads or simply get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are taking the most effective action – We will help.

We offer Online Business Development, Web Design and Development, User Experience Analysis, SEO, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing Strategy.

What’s It Like to Hire Us?
We believe in having a systematic approach to building an online presence that reflects your business goals.


We start with a Discovery Phase(typically 4-7 meetings) where we deep dive into the ins and out your business.

Next we craft a proposal and present it to you that will redefine your business. Afterwards there is an implementation and ongoing strategy and execution of your vision.Interaction and clear communication are at the core of our services. Its about you feeling and obtaining the best solution for your business. That being said we don’t work with everyone.

  • Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.
  • We love do-gooders, people who live to resolve the problems of others.
  • The Eternal Learners -Those who never stopped learning because they never stopped dreaming

Will you embark with me on a new path together?

Feel free to reach me at peter@webteamhq.com to begin our conversation together.

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