F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions many people have before they get started on their website.
C: “I just want a website.
C: “I just want a quote.
C: “Can’t you give me a price.
Question to Client
Y: “What is it?
Y: “Who is it for?
Y: “What do customers get?
Most web designers don’t have this basi
understanding of their client’
And to provide any results we need to know things like
Y: “What business are you in?
Y: “Where does your business find customers?
Y: “What is your business’s sales funnel?
Y: “Where does your website fit in that system?
Question to Client
Q: Y: “Do you agree that a website is a critica
part of your business?
C: “No.
Y: “Why not?
C: “Yes, I do.
Y: “If you end up hiring me, I’m going to be working with you for the next few year
to support your business. In my opinion we should spend a few hours up fron
figuring out the best solution before working together. Does that soun